Minor cleaning and polishing will be performed as needed during a standard tuning service, but periodically a more detailed cleaning may be required, particularly with grand pianos.

Over time, the soundboard and plate on grand pianos collects dust much more easily than on an upright piano, and strings will oxidize and show varying amounts of rust. Specialized tools allow for the proper cleaning of the interior of the piano, without causing damage to your piano and your home. This service is best done prior to a fine tuning of the piano.

An interior cleaning service includes: polishing wire strings, removing dust and dirt buildup from the soundboard, plate and action cavity.

Caring for the finish and removal of unwanted dust and debris is part of regular piano maintenance. We can provide you with finish care products and expert guidance for caring for your piano’s finish.

“Remember strings need to be clean to sound clean.” - Roger Jolly, RPT

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